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Meetings and Conferences

The Office of Meetings and Conferences has rooms available in the Student Center East, Student Center West, and Student Services Building.

Rooms in the Student Centers are available for Campus Departments, Registered Student Organizations, and Non-University clients.  Meeting rooms in the Student Services Building are only available to Campus Departments.

Events with food or beverages must have a portion of the set up with 6’ social distancing.

Masks are recommended but not required.

All event requests must go through UIC Connection.

Meetings and Conferences Student Reservation Policies – Fall 2022

Weekly/General Meetings:

The following rooms in Student Center East can be used for weekly or general meetings from 3:00pm – 10:00pm, Monday through Friday, with a 2 hour maximum.  There will be 1 hour between meetings to allow for cleaning and sanitizing the rooms.  The following set ups will be used.  Rearranging furniture is prohibited.  Food or beverages are not allowed in these spaces.

Room 610 – Conference for 10

Room 603 – Conference for 24 (see diagram)

Room 605 – Auditorium for 98 (see diagram)

Room 613 – Cleared/Dance

White Oak – Auditorium for 42 (see diagram)

Rathskellar – Auditorium for 60 (see diagram)

Social distancing is encouraged, but not required, for people who have been vaccinated.  Anyone who is not vaccinated must continue to maintain 6’ social distance.

In order to assist with determining social distance, conference set ups are done with 2 chairs per table.  To maintain social distance, use every other chair.  Auditorium set ups are done with 3’ between rows, and either 7 or 10 chairs per section.  To maintain social distance, use every other row, seats 1, 4, 7, (and 10 if available) in each section.

Illinois Room:

The Illinois Room is available from 6:00pm – 10:00pm Monday through Sunday.  Performance events, or any events that do not have a social distanced set up may not have food or beverages.  Dinners are allowed in the Illinois Room, but must have a custom set up done by Meetings and Conferences to ensure that 6’ distances are maintained.

Special Events/Custom Set Ups:

Cardinal Room and Room 302 can be used for any event that requires a set up other than what is listed above.  Events that will have food or beverage must be in one of these locations with a custom set up done by Meetings and Conferences to ensure that 6’ distances are maintained.

Other set ups can be done, for example classroom set ups or game night set ups.  These events can not have food or beverage unless 6’ social distance can be maintained.

Concourse – Table Space:

There are a limited amount of table spaces open in the Concourse.  There is one table per quadrant which can only be reserved from 8:30am – 12:30pm, or 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

A limited number of spaces are available in Student Center West.  There are no time restriction or set ups, but spaces ay be limited to allow for cleaning between events.