Special Project Fellows

The Student Affairs Special Project Fellows Program allows Student Affairs staff to start a new program or initiative or improve a current practice or service to better support student success and enhance the quality of campus life.

How to Apply

Apply here by September 18, 2020. Applications must include a description of the proposed project, expected outcomes, how funding will enable the advancement of the project, sustainability plan, any collaboration, budget, and a commitment to participate in quarterly meetings throughout the program. Proposals should demonstrate why funding is necessary to move the project forward, including why other resources cannot be used. We are particularly interested in projects that form new collaborations across SA divisions and with non-SA partners.

Program Details

Fellows will engage in a project to start a new program or initiative or improve a current practice(s) in Student Affairs. Projects that are collaborative, particularly those that involve faculty, are encouraged, and priority will be given to projects with a clear plan for sustainability. All projects must include assessment. The expected outcome of the program is for staff to improve the programs, initiatives, and policies of Student Affairs at UIC and/or implement new programs and initiatives that support student learning and personal development.

Fellows will present the outcomes of their initiative, including assessment findings, at a Student Affairs’ symposium at the end of the program. Fellows will also be required to participate in quarterly meetings to provide and receive peer support, including for planning or assessment.

Types of Projects

Fellows will engage in projects to create and launch new programs/initiatives under Student Affairs or improve current practices. Projects must be feasible and sustainable and must include assessment. Collaboration with staff from other departments across campus, including faculty, is highly encouraged.

Selection Process

There will be up to four Fellows selected in the first year of the program (2020-2021 academic year).

A committee consisting of the Assistant Vice Chancellor, one member of the Executive Leadership Team, one other Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs staff, and one staff member from an office outside of Student Affairs will review applications and decide whom to fund.

Applications will be judged based on feasibility, impact, collaboration, expertise, and the necessity of funds to move the project forward.


Selected Fellows will receive up to $25,000 to use to hire staff and/or for program supplies, software, or any other expense necessary to launch the program/initiative or implement improvements. Up to $1,000 can be used towards presenting findings/outcomes of the initiative at a conference. Since this is a one-time funding opportunity, Fellows must have a sustainability plan for any ongoing costs after the program ends, including maintaining new staff positions.

As needed, Fellows will also receive assessment and planning support.


  • August 1, 2020: Program is announced, and applications are solicited.
  • September 18, 2020: Program applications are due.
  • September 30, 2020: Fellows are notified. Projects can start immediately and no later than November 1, 2020. Projects must be completed within a year.
  • Fall 2021: Project presentations.

Questions? Contact Sue Farruggia, spf@uic.edu.