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Resiliency & Practical Skills

Domain Definition

The Resiliency and Practical Skills domain involves both life and personal skill development. Inherent in this domain is a student’s ability to develop life-long skills that allow them to persevere and thrive in their personal and professional life.

Domain Descriptors:

Life Skills/ Resilience

  • Develops and applies strategies for managing personal and organizational resources
  • Exercises purposeful decision-making
  • Strategically develops and pursues short- and long-term personal, educational, and professional goals
  • Seeks help when needed
  • Holds oneself accountable for personal, work, and social obligations
  • Articulates priorities regarding time management and effectively balances education, work and leisure time

Career Development

  • Applies academic and co-curricular experiences to career planning process
  • Describes and applies own professional strengths and weaknesses, interests, skills/competencies, and values to one’s career development.
  • Utilizes life-long career/life planning, job search, and career management tools/skills effectively

Communication Skills

  • Communicates effectively and conveys meaning by writing and speaking coherently and productively
  • Demonstrates technological literacy and skills
  • Uses technology ethically and effectively to communicate, solve problems, and complete tasks


  • Engages in behaviors and contributes to environments that promote personal health and wellness and reduce risk both personally and within the community
  • Develops awareness that promote positive change in all dimensions (Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Financial, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual)

Learning Outcome Statement:

Students who engage with UIC Student Affairs programs and services will be able to manage personal and professional experiences, behaviors, and skills to confidently achieve life-long success.