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Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Skills

Domain Definition

The Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Development domain focuses on students’ individual self-appraisal and awareness as well as their relationship with others. This domain recognizes the importance of developing an independent sense of self in concert with collective, interdependent, and collaborative relationships with others in their personal and professional lives.

Domain Descriptors:

Self-Awareness & Understanding

  • Identity development
  • Assess, articulate, and acknowledge personal strengths and areas for growth

Purpose/Personal Mission

  • Explore and engage in activities that inform interests and passions
  • Identify, explore, and clarify values


  • Explores what guides their personal decision making
  • Applies ethical reasoning informing action
  • Accepts personal responsibility

Meaningful Relationships

  • Initiates and nurtures relationships that are mutually satisfying
  • Establishes and flexes boundaries in an adaptive manner
  • Maintains healthy, mutually beneficial relationships

Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Works well with people different than self
  • Manages conflict

Learning Outcome Statement:

Students who engage with UIC Student Affairs programs and services will be able to construct a personal identity with a sense of self that positively contributes to meaningful, collaborative and interdependent relationships.