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Diversity & Social Responsibility

Domain Definition

The Diversity and Social Responsibility domain involves raising awareness of our society’s diversity, interdependence, and inherent power structures. As an urban research institution, UIC embodies a commitment to public education, access, and community involvement. This commitment creates a learning environment in which students develop a multifaceted cultural identity and awareness of social positioning that can ultimately lead to the pursuit of social change and equity.

Domain Descriptors:

Social Justice

  • Identifies cultural and institutional systems of power
  • Acknowledges and challenges personal position within systems of power
  • Through action, demonstrates a commitment to equity and social change

Intersectionality/Intercultural Competence

  • Recognizes and describes her/his own multifaceted cultural identity
  • Acknowledges and respects the multifaceted cultural identity of others
  • Communicates effectively and appropriately with people from other cultures


  • Understands leadership as a group process that affects positive social change
  • Adopts a leadership style in both formal and informal roles that facilitates equality and respect within the group
  • Seeks feedback from group members and supervisors in order to conduct self-reflection and determine areas of strength and personal growth

Community Engagement

  • Communicates the value of volunteerism for personal and community empowerment
  • Participates in service projects that reflect personal values, educational goals, and/or engagement with the Chicago community
  • Organizes community service efforts that promote equity and social change

Civic Engagement

  • Communicates the role of civic engagement in the pursuit of social justice and equality
  • Engages with institutional systems of power through participation, advocacy and critique
  • Promotes and encourages civic engagement on campus and among peers
  • Engages in civic and political processes and educational opportunities as an active educated citizen

Learning Outcome Statement:


Students who engage with UIC Student Affairs programs and services will be able to synthesize skills to identify differences with respect to multiple perspectives, while acknowledging and constructively challenging one’s own biases and maintaining a commitment to civic engagement in the pursuit of equity and social change.