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Cognitive Skills

Domain Definition

The Cognitive Skills domain involves higher order intellectual thinking skills and utilizing cognitive processes such as analyzing academic, social, or professional situations; connecting knowledge; and making meaning in the face of ambiguity. Cognitive skills are key to understanding one’s self as a life-long learner and applying a critical lens to problems, questions, and issues.


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving 

  • Identifies, analyzes, and interprets important problems, questions, and issues
  • Critically assesses the relevance of information to develop alternative perspectives and solutions
  • Applies theories, concepts, and previous experiences to inform new situations and creatively solve practical problems

Academic Success Skill Development

  • Develop an academic self-concept
  • Connect academic skills to course content
  • Utilize cognitive and studying strategies

Reflective Thinking

  • Process and make judgments about past knowledge and experiences
  • Relates new knowledge to past understanding and experiences
  • Makes connections between knowledge in relation to one’s self and others

Intellectual Flexibility

  • Accepts and navigates ambiguity
  • Considers new information and perspectives
  • Adapts to different approaches and ways of thinking


  • Seeks new and innovative ways to approach problems from a different perspective
  • Integrates mental, emotional, and creative processes

Learning Outcome Statement:

Students who engage with UIC Student Affairs programs and services will be able to evaluate problems, issues, and questions through cognitive strategies to make meaning of their integrated experiences.