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During the internal self-study phase, units are requested to participate by the Office of Assessment and Planning according to a schedule developed in consultation with the Vice Chancellor. Participating units have a planning meeting with the assessment team and discuss the process and expectations of the self-study phase. The self-study guidelines and calendar are also shared in the meeting. After the meeting, the self-study phase is launched. Developed based upon the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education, the self-study consists of eight different sections:

1) Executive Summary;

2) Functional Area Review;

3) Students and their Environments;

4) Advocating for Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Communities;

5) Organization, Leadership, and Human Resources;

6) Ethical Considerations;

7) Learning-Conducive Structures, Resources, and Systems; and

8) Major Recommendations and Findings.

Approximately every three weeks a section is due. Participating units are sent email reminders three weeks before it is due, one week before it is due, and the day that it is due. Upon receiving each section, written feedback is provided typically within 48 hours. This feedback is used to support the units in developing their fully compiled report. The process takes approximately 23 weeks to complete.